NaTheWriMo Day 3

Spent the day tweaking things, which is always annoying, time-consuming, not highly productive in terms of increasing the word count, but ultimately necessary. Feeling slightly frustrated but still relatively okay. Downloaded a couple recent(ish) British edition PhD theses for comparison, which made me feel better. NaTheWriMo November 2010   Day:   3   Word count: […]

National Thesis Writing Month

This month, I accept and attempt the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – or rather, since it ain’t fiction I’m writing (sic), this is NaTheWriMo. Bit of a mad venture, really, but, dammit, words ain’t forthcoming unless ya writes ’em. So, in a nutshell: 50,000 words             in        30 days Wish me luck…            […]

The value of the Arts

I’ve recently begun to think that the Humanities are not called the Arts for no reason. In fact, I’m currently inclined to argue that that is a most apt descriptor, and much better than “science”. Science allows us to investigate and understand the universe in terms of its details; Art allows us to study and […]