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Really just links this time: this one relates to my earlier post on the value of the arts. Crisis of the humanities indeed – I suppose one should really come up with arguments for why the arts are important, if nothing else then for funding applications..

And on the topic of why are we here &c, Josh Ritter is blogging about making a life in music. Everything always does come down to: work hard at what you do.

Or, and particularly aptly for my current situation, as Mr. Neil so well puts it when asked advice on writing: “Write. Finish what you write.” (He continues with “Send it to publishers”, but it works a bit differently in academia.)

Now, if I only could follow my own advice.. I suppose it’s a Write or Die sorta moment. So if you’ll excuse me, I need to try to stay alive…

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  1. Ah, good links, thank you. Now if only I could make myself stop reading about how to be more productive and actually do something..

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