NaTheWriMo Day 15: Pep talk needed

This is Neil’s pep talk to NaNoWriMoists. He’s right, of course. A journey of 50,000 words may start with a small step, but the point is that every step along the way is a small one: one little word at a time. Which is a relief of sorts.

My word count, while quite a lot better than 0, is not anything to break out the champagne for, alas. But one word at a time does it.

So: focus. Breathe. Head down; type, type type. Blink. Take a walk. Stretch. Start typing again to get that thought down before it’s gone. Type, type, type.

The following image seems appropriate (I wish I could remember where I found this, years back, so I could give the creator due credit):

working for lawyers

NaTheWriMo November 2010
Day: 15
Word count: 2,775
Transcription word count: 20,400
Blog entries: 11

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