NaTheWriMo Day 24: Wrong month

This is really the wrong month for me to be doing a NaTheWriMo. What I’m doing atm is fiddling around with the specs of my edition – this includes lots of thinking about little things, namely how to represent manuscript feature X in my finished digital edition, and thus it involves less of the Writing Out Stuff At Length. But never mind, I’ll wrap it up having done more than nil, and that’s something. I hope to finish editorial fiddling about – as well as the edition itself (for the most part) (inshallah) – by the end of the year, so I think I’ll come back to having a NaTheWriMo in January.

..actually, the last couple days have been spent in going over my latest article. I do hate revision so. It’s a good article, but I’ve got A Problem which needs Solving, and it’s bloody hard to do without a) breaking the flow, b) seriously increasing the word count, or c) spending several days on it. Bah. I think I’ll ditch it for now and return to it come next month.

NaTheWriMo November 2010
Day: 24
Word count: 4,135
Transcription word count: 26,000
Blog entries: 14

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