NaTheWriMo Day 30 and then some

I meant to post this before Christmas – got derailed for a couple of weeks after my last post (did finish revising the article!), but then got in a week’s worth of NaTheWriMoing before Christmas, so let’s pretend I wrote this wrap-up message then.

Right. How did it go; how did I do? Let’s look at the figures.

NaTheWriMo November 2010
Day: 30
Word count: 4,200
Transcription word count: 45,850
Blog entries: 15

Plusses and minuses:

+ achieved 50k words!
– only 10% of it for thesis chapters

+ produced text nigh daily
– didn’t produce text daily

+ even this silly self-imposed deadline helped

I’d say that overall this was a positive experience, and I do intend to revisit it next year, probably in February.

Right, in the meanwhile, the year will change, and resolutions need be made. Maybe the odd blog post too, but we shall see..

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