“To my unknown friends and countrymen”

I’ve quite run out of the habit of keeping a RL, pen-on-paper journal. When I was working on my MA thesis, I had two – one for personal whatsits, and another exclusively for jotting down thoughts and ideas and reflections and screams of despair raised by my thesis. For the past several years, I’ve had a LiveJournal account, which I update quite regularly. Yet I’ve occasionally felt like having a more academically-oriented blog would be fun, too, this time for PhD thesis-related banter.

So, finally, here I am.

(Not that I expect anyone to read the fluff I will (hopefully) churn out on these pages on an entirely irregular basis. But ’tis a kind of diary – with hyperlinks!)

I’ll be writing about stuff like:

* The early (English) East India Company (expect a lot of this!)
* Early Modern (EMod) letter-writing
* EMod English merchants
* (EMod) intelligence networks
* pirates!
* Early European contacts with Japan
* Historical (socio-)linguistics (well, maybe not so much of this)
* Archives and libraries
* EMod manuscripts!
* Digital editions, TEI, XML, XHTML, &c.

..and whatever else I feel like, really.

The first post will come along anon. But probably after HEL-LEX next week. Which reminds me to add:

* conferences

to the list.

And that’s all for now.

ETA: I’m only starting to learn how WordPress works, so bear with me while I fiddle around with layout and functions and addons and whathaveyou. Like tags, why aren’t my tags visible? I may change the skin eventually, or then learn to do CSS and fiddle with it until I’m happy (yeah right, like that’s gonna happen anytime soon..).