NaTheWriMo Day 3

Spent the day tweaking things, which is always annoying, time-consuming, not highly productive in terms of increasing the word count, but ultimately necessary. Feeling slightly frustrated but still relatively okay. Downloaded a couple recent(ish) British edition PhD theses for comparison, which made me feel better. NaTheWriMo November 2010   Day:   3   Word count: […]

National Thesis Writing Month

This month, I accept and attempt the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – or rather, since it ain’t fiction I’m writing (sic), this is NaTheWriMo. Bit of a mad venture, really, but, dammit, words ain’t forthcoming unless ya writes ’em. So, in a nutshell: 50,000 words             in        30 days Wish me luck…            […]